About Us

At The A Team - Our mission is to provide you & your family with a real estate experience that is superior to other teams in the Arizona market. We do that by putting your needs first and addressing any concerns you may have. No matter if it's your first transacation or your 8th, we will be there every step of the way. We want you meeting us at the closing table, knowing that you were our main priority.  

Justin has been on teams voted most innovative, and teams that have been voted top in the nation. He has seen both the good and the bad, and want's to take his knowledge and experience and put them to work for you. Putting your needs and customer service first in each and every transaction.

With as much as 25 years of combined real estate experience, and having lived in Phoenix for close to 30 years. Our goal is to become the “Go To Team” here in the north phoenix market. No matter what part of the town we have and will continue helping families across the valley.

Meet The Team

Justin Andrews is an agent who is committed to his clients, who strives for excellence. Raised as an Arizona native he is proud to call Phoenix home.Justin has been immersed in real estate ever since he graduated high school.He has managed real estate assets, & supervised preservation for major banks. He has worked with, and still has a strong relationship with a number of local investors. He is an well rounded agent, who puts his clients best interest first. His attention to detail and the pride he takes in his work benefits everyone involved in the transaction. This is what keeps his clients coming back, and why other agents enjoy working with him.
Looking for a great solution? Real Estate Agents has it for sure. It doesn’t matter what type of offices you need, these guys can find the perfect solution for you!